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Darmstadt skyline on your business photos

  • For example, you want a skyline or a glass facade as a background for your photos.
  • The desired background may be a production hall, where the stay is not allowed because it is too noisy, for example.
  • The lab that is to serve as a background is very busy and a shoot would disrupt the flow of operations.
  • The company is spread over several locations and that is why we take photos on several days.
  • Your company is expanding and new employees need to be photographed regularly without much effort.

No problem.
You get uniform and first-class photos that are 100% reproducible i.e. new employees are staged in the same style and light - regardless of time, weather or season.
This is significantly less costly and therefore a very great advantage for you.

This approach saves time, money and nerves.

Non-binding free initial meeting

You can bring me your requests and ideas to the photos closer and I have the chance to better introduce myself and my work. I would also be very happy to support you in finding ideas.

The following points will be discussed:

I would be very happy to talk to you via span class="text-dark bg-light pad10 h2">video call.

Do not hesitate and arrange a free info talk.

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